Before making its debut at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival on May 2nd, GANT’s feature-length documentary, Flipping the Ladder, was given a sneak preview treatment—late at night on the side of a building in the Financial District on Manhattan.

Flipping the Ladder, which is part of a large global campaign made in partnership with the creative agency B-Reel, explores the phenomenon of career switching and aims to inspire the world to stay curious and Never Stop Learning. It only seemed right that GANT previews the film before the premiere to those who might benefit most from the campaign’s message—workers in the offices around Wall Street who tend to burn the midnight oil.

“The core message of the documentary aims to redefine the traditional view on success. We have the power to design our own lives and hopefully Flipping the Ladder will inspire people to take the leap”, says Eleonore Säll, Global Marketing Director at GANT. We want to spark curiosity and challenge the status quo, moreover seek to explore the new way of climbing the ladder in the spirit of the GANT credo Never Stop Learning.”

This “midnight message” was accomplished by projecting the documentary on a building facade so that those who were working in the surrounding offices late at night were able to view the film. Instructions were also projected that prompted viewers to visit an app in order to listen to the film’s audio track.

“The documentary is all about daring to redefine who you are and not losing yourself in a race to the top,” says Philip Arvidson, Creative at B-Reel. “So when we wanted to reach those that are typically stuck climbing the corporate ladder, we searched for a place we knew they’d be—working late in the office buildings near the Financial District. Because it was important for us to reach these people with our message, and also because we needed it to be dark in order to view the film being projected onto the building, the late night viewing worked out perfectly,” says Philip Arvidson, Creative at B-Reel.

B-Reel is the creative agency behind the stunt, as well as the global campaign. The documentary will be aired on Youtube on May 10.