Responsible Fashion at GANT

For GANT, our concern for the key social and environmental aspects of sustainability are matched only by our focus on quality. We have built our brand by creating products whose design and construction both stand the test of time. We actually believe that our clothes improve with age.

The influence we can have on social, environmental and quality factors is enhanced by our professional relationships. We work closely with our suppliers and subcontractors to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of our work, while setting clear objectives for addressing social and environmental issues. All these factors are equally important in maintaining a responsible, sustainable business.



Building long-term relationships with our suppliers has always formed a natural part of GANT's heritage. We believe in mutually respectful, cross-cultural communication and we engage in open dialogue to ensure that our sustainability continues to be enhanced.

GANT is a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an international drive founded by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. Through BSCI, a common Code of Conduct is shared by 600 companies. This Code of Conduct regulates working environment issues, including workplace health and safety, working hours, industrial compensation and the prohibition of child labor.



As we wear clothes so close to our skin, we have to ensure that they meet human ecological requirements and cannot exercise a toxic effect on the body. To ensure that our clothes are free from hazardous chemicals our suppliers commit to the GANT Ecologial Requirements which are based on Oeko-Tex 100 standard and REACH. REACH is the European legislation regarding chemicals in products and production processes.

To ensure compliance, random tests are conducted each season.

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